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Thursday, September 21, 2006

18th Post: -shudders-

today during my lunch break, i was visited by a giant condom... mascot. and they gave out some free samples of comdoms, so i have 2 durex condoms sitting in my left pocket right now. not that i'd be using them in the near future.

haha then my friends and i headed down to the sexual safety exhibition and i was engulfed by countless pictures of infected penises and vaginas. i also learnt that STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) are now called STIs (sexually transmitted infections). well i'd say it's a better name, maybe to remove the social stigma and the fear of talking about them.

so anyway my i was the like one of the very few guys there. there were probably only 2 other guys there. and i felt really out of place.

after this we were treated to a demo of how and abortion takes place. while this was going on, there was a video of an operation to remove some stuff from a woman's insides. all this, after lunch. you have no idea how much i felt like throwing my my lunch. eeewwwww!!!

anyway, i always told myself that i will not have premarital/casual sex cos God doesn't want me to.. and today after this extremelly graphic exhibition, i have one more reason why i've made the right choice.

ugh - shudders-

17th Post: God is Good. The Return Of................

WHOO~!! lookie who's here!? i'm back.. i think for now u can expect this space to be updated on a more regular basis.

haha y??

cos i'm doing friggin' final year project that's got nothing to do with what i've been learning for the past 2 years and half years! wad am i doing for fyp? i am creating a drill-dust collector. for those who dunno wad course i'm doing. i'm doing multimedia and infocomm technology! how's a drill-dust collector remotely tied to MIT?? I HAVE NO IDEA!!?? but well, i've got a lotta free time now. albeit being trapped in a 'fish tank'. you see, my classroom has glass windows all around so everyone can just look at us. PLUS there's a friggin camera staring at us. to monitor us! how sick is that??! we're like prisoners! ah well.

anyway life's been treating me fairly well lately. sure there are problems in life. but i guess i'm past the whiny-teenager phase. ok i still whine and mope and wad not. but now, maybe i'm more matured, more in tuned with God maybe? i'm praying a lot these days. and i'm trying to give bible study too! well God give be the right words to say and the wisdom to spread your word!

well i guess that's it for now.. so yeah.. i'm outta here!

Monday, October 17, 2005

16th post: Viva La France!!


Ok. Let me explain from the top.

I saw an ad on MTV. Win a trip to see Franz Ferdinand in France. So i thought. Heck this is a band I like and going to France to see them live in concert is way cool. So i thought, ok i'll go check out the website and see what i gotta do to win this thing.

click away and i saw the question. What is the band named after. I was like damn i know that answer. So i submitted it once. Then a thought came to my mind. People who really want this probably submit several answers. So i tried again. It told me i could only submit my answers a half hour later. And in recent times, i've been staying up late to chat with a friend in US. So while waiting for her to come online every half hour i submit my answers once. For like 2 weeks. so that would come up to about 30 - 40 submissions i believe. My poly mate was saying they probably see my name so much they probably was like "wah this guy submit so many times. must be real desperate. dun give him later he commit suicide. better give him" haha

So anyway. MTV called me last thursday and told me i've been shortlisted to win this thing. I was already like overjoyed by then. The lady on the other end that sounded very friendly asked me some questions about the band and i answered most correctly and maybe a little too detailed for one of them.

So today at around 1.45 pm. MTV called me again. As i had previously saved the number on my phone, i knew it was MTV the moment my mobile rang. I took a deep breath, answered the call and voila (as they say in France), I won!!


I received my itinerary and was like damn, this is wonderful. I'm going to go to 4 states. Paris, Rouen, Lille & Metz. i get to stay at 4-star hotels at each state. I saw pictures from one of the 4 hotels and it was gorgeous. I also get to go to the Champagne Capital of the world, Epernay, a flea market in Paris, and tour a waffle house in a place 25 mins from Lille. And it's all paid for!!

Sony BMG are in charge of my air tickets. I emailed the rep from Sony BMG asking if there's anything i needed to arrange with him. He said, "i'm taking care of your air tickets." and i felt like a rock star. haha it's like my record company is doing my travel plans for me or something.

I'll also appear on MTV saying i won this thing and also have to produce an account of my trip there when i get back. Gosh i'm happy.

MTV made my day.


Angeline made my October. But's that's another story...

Till then

This is the ONE AND ONLY (winner of the contest) IN SINGAPORE,
Shannon Tan,
Signing out

Au Revoir~! Viva La France~~!

Friday, September 16, 2005

15th post: the irony of it all.. and then..

Safe and Unsound Party 2005 @ Home Club.

An event organized to raise money for AIDS patients who can't afford the medical expenses, as well as to spread the "fight AIDS" message.

The event will be held at a club at Boat Quay, at a club. A club where people go to drink and party and stuff like that. Alcoholic drinks will be served. The drinks won't be watered down.

My friend invited me to go to this party. Immediately thoughts entered my mind.

My idea of a club, is that girls go there dressed to turn guys on so that they get bought drinks ( this is not a sexist statement. This is what a female friend of mine told me.) People go to clubs and drink till they throw up. When people are drunk, they don't think straight. So a drunk guy + a drunk girl dressed in rather skimpy clothes = ?? (I'm not saying this will happen to everyone at the club. Just saying if this drunk guy and drunk girl happen to be in "the mood for lovin' ".)

Well i don't know about you, but i'd think sex, casual sex. Pre( or extra) -marital, unprotected, casual sex. And unprotected casual sex leads to? AIDS!!

Ok ok, fine. At the party, everyone would be given a safe sex kit to emphasize the importance of safe sex. But come on! Which drunk person would have a clear enough head to think about slipping on a condom?!?

I'm sorry but i'm not going to this event. On the one hand you're promoting safe sex, action against AIDS and raising money and stuff. On the other, the event is set in an environment that well, encourages sex with someone you probably don't know very well, and very likely unprotected too. I bet the MP and the organizers only saw the upside.

The irony of it all.

Ok now on the bitch about the idiotic soundman at my gig.

Well i'll talk about my gig as a whole b4 i bitch about him.

Episodic was the first band to perform at the event. They were good. They were given 1/2 hour to perform, but they took 45 mins. Well this led to some time constraints. Thus leading to the next band and my band to play 2 15 min sets (the second 15 mins sets of each band to be played after the event) instead of 1 half hour set each. BAH~!

The next band to perform was the Subway Stars. They were good too. Well at least their tightness as a band and their skills on their instruments, as well as their super hot keyboardist. *WWWWWWHHHHHOOOOOOAAAAAA*

But the guitarist and bassist were.. sorry... weirdos. The bassist was like trying to hear the music at the sound check and was behaving kinda weird. Even jumped off the stage to get a good listen. Weird. Freaky was the word used by Siva's friends.

Bassist played like he had spasms. Had an orgasm face as well. Ok some of you may call it showmanship, feeling and grooving to the music. I say, "That's a SPASM STAR!"

Guitarist was ok at the first set. His voice got a little irritating though. During the second set he let out all his weirdness. Well not really, more like stupidity. He jumped and jumped and lost balance and fell down, breaking his e string in the process.


Then came our set. Our 1st set was alright. Minor hick-ups here and there. My bass being a bit too loud as well. But i'd say was rather good. Got the crowd sorta awake and excited. I know, we are not as tight as the other bands, we are not as advanced in our skills but i'd say we did ok, albeit the little kid who covered his ears when my vocalist started singing.

Played welcome music for VIP as well. But the emcees were not informed we were gonna do that and thought we din wanna stop our set. To the female emcee:

"I think u're real cute and pretty and stuff, but sheesh i wanna play the welcome music i was supposed to play."

~fast forward~

Our second set came up. Went up on stage once again to set up our equipment. The bassist of Subway Stars tells me i should lower the volume of my bass cos the first set my bass was too loud. I replied, " yeah i know" and he got off.

So i adjusted my volume. Told the soundman at the mixer to lower the volume of my bass. He said no. Idiot.

So during the second set, my bass was louder than during the first set. Dammit. I went to my amp to lower the volume from 5 to 2. Sounded better but won't really make too much diff cos it was fed direct to the mixer. But some how sounded better.

At this point, a second soundman comes up and increases the volume back to 5! LIKE WHAT THE HELL?!

I told him it's too loud and he says it the tone of my bass. Not wanting to argue with him, i said, " ah.. ya.. ok.."

So now my bass was loud again and it's my fault according to that soundman. So this soundman goes and sit by Siva's amp. Siva turns around and says "louder". The soundman turns off the amp and plugs out the cable and plugs it into a different input. All these while Siva was gonna start the solo of The Trooper. ******* soundman.

And these soundmen couldn't give us at least some respect. They were friggin keeping their equipment while we were playing. SHEESH!

And the organizer also treated us like free labour. 2 music stands standing right next to the stage. He couldn't come and bring it down himself. Gotta call us to bring it down. And we were going out for lunch. We were at least 70 80 metres away from the stage by now. He is at a table less than 20 metres away, can't he do it himself. NNNOOOO.... He gets Gao Rui's cousin (one of the organizers, probably the best among them) to call us on our hp to come back to bring it down.

! ! !???! ! !


! ! !???! ! !

Oh well. I guess I've bitched enough.

P.S I think the Subway Stars were a great band, just din like their genre of music and performance style, just my opinion. Please don't go and defame them.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

14th post: the birth of..

Pandemonium - the latest thing to hit the world of cover bands. Also the name we finally came up with for my new band. I'm the bassist as usual. This is a whole new band line up though. None from my previous bands Muddy Pool, and Sid Ash'tray which was formed from half of Muddy Pool.

Here's the line up :

Rhythm Guitar - Gao Rui (my primary school classmate.)
Lead Guitar - Siva (Gao Rui's sec school classmate.)
Vocalist - Brandon (Gao Rui's sec school classmate.)
Drummer - Matt ( 15 year old dude that GR and Siva know from soft.com.sg)
Bassist - Yours truly, Spike.

Well only Matt and i have previous experiences of being in a band whereas this is the first band of GR and his classmates. Siva is real great on the lead given he's only started learning guitar like less than a year ago.

We're not that tight and stuff yet. But we're going somewhere. Nanyang CC to be exact. That's where our first gig will be held. After being formed for only about half a year. It's gonna be great. September 4th is the day to look forward to. The song list is more or less confirmed, but i'm not telling u guys. Come watch us if u wanna know.

Well on to other aspects my life.

School's been alright. Really kicking myself today though. After seeing my maths teacher go thru the answers of the common test paper i had last friday. I knew how to do practically all the questions. But lack of practice and me forgetting parts of formulas made me pay the price. Project deadlines are staring at me once again, and i'm staring back at them, literally.

The youth, (Bratz as most of us call it, the BR / Balestier 90210 as some of you call it) are pretty much still the same. Planning a lot. Not carrying out as much. Least some of us think that way. I mean i don't know what to do to make them have more responsibilty. I guess that's beyond my control. I also guess i knew that all along. But seriously. We plan to go into the forests of Sarawak to build a church for the people there. Sorry, but honestly i think many of us would not be able to handle it. I mean some of us are so afraid of things like ants. Picky about food. Unable to handle hardship. The typical spoilt city kids of Singapore.

We're also told that when we go over there for 2 weeks, every night we've gotta take turns to preach. So our great and greatly patient mentor Uncle Chin is giving us lessons on how to prepare messages and telling us some facts about the Bible. But people who are planning to go for the trip, are not attending this. With the excuses of being sick to that of rain. For crying out loud. It was raining really heavily when you guys decided to head of to someones place. You guys could borrow and umbrella to shelter yourselves off to transport to the person place, and yet from there u couldn't shlter yourselves back in time for the lesson?? EXCUSES I SAY!

Ok so Uncle Chin says nevermind we'll just carry on. So he's explaining stuff the the rest of the class and the late ones are like "What what what?" so Uncle Chin says, "Let me finish this then i'll explain to you."

So after he finishes explaining a topic to us he goes on to tell the late ones what he was talking about. Just as he begins, one of the late ones starts talking with someone else. Like sheesh man.

I say, if you really have your heart and mind set on something, rain will not stop you.
(at least not the rain from this incident cos it wasn't that heavy AT ALL)

Moving on.

Felt like retiring from volleyball on Saturday night. Played real bad, till the last match. Lifted me to decide to come back from the retirement i never made. My disputes and unliking of "red bean paste" has more or less subsided as well.

Well. i guess i've bitched enough.

i'm outta here..

till the next post..

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

13th post: SUPERMAN!!

hi again peeps! well things have been quite normal.. so was today....

it happened after my last lecture of the day. my usual group of friends (kari-pap, noh-dia, kuru, "turn-bang" and jerri-kolek) and i were walking towards our next lesson at ELQ (E-learning lab @ blk Q). we were behind this group of people from another tutorial group in our lecture class. among them was a girl whom most of us can't really stand cos she's kinda act cute with one of the lecturers last sem. she and her good friend (face is kinda cute) next to her were wearing really short skirts. and mind u, they din have very long sexy legs to show. so we were talking about it's so short, if a breeze came along, that's IT!

and we made a prophesy.

the friend's (with the kinda cute face) skirt caught a breeze and lo and behold:

It's a bird! It's a plane! NO! IT'S SUPERMAN!!

well, you see, her underwear was bright red!! my gosh! my eyes were tortured beyond words! my friends and i were just glad she wasn't wearing a g-string. imagine the sight if we saw her butt-cheeks (that may be very sellulite-ty)!!


well anyway, on the way home, kari-pap took the bus with me to the Sengkang interchange. she was watching TV Mobile. a mentos ad was playing and she started

"eh new mentos coming out ar? eh no"

upon which i just looked at her and ignored her...and started laughing. cos she looked like she was monolog-ing. like the villian at the end of the Incredibles. then she carried on making remarks of stuff that appeared on the screen, like how shiny the bald part of a minister's head is and stuff. and i just looked at her and carried on laughing... man did she look like a mental patient.

well anyways, recently i've been hooked on to Need For Speed: Underground 2 on PC. man i love that game. yeah i know, many people have already completed the game and could've completed it several more times b4 i started but who cares?!

and now, that's where i'm headed off to do. PLAY!

well peeps, enjoy yourselves and stay happy!


Thursday, June 16, 2005

12th post

hey peeps.. hmmm this will be a short post..

went to watch star wars... FINALLY! on the very last day that it's still in theatres as well... sheesh.. to think that i'm a fan.. well it's a good movie (like duh-h if your a fan u'd say it's good)

well caught the 930 pm show. it ended at 1155pm made bee line to the bus stop in time to catch the last bus (to sengkang). phew.. arrived at sengkang wondered if i should walk home considering it was almost 1230am. but decided to wait at the bus stop till 1235 at least b4 walking and it paid off. 83 came. coincidentally, green day's waiting started playing on my mp3 haha...

"i've been, waiting a long time, for this moment to come...."

well Angeline is back!! YAY

hmmm said this is gonna be a short post, well it is.. haha.. i'm gonna go now.. i've got school in about 8 hours time gotta wake up in about 6+ hours and i've yet to shower... (yeah yeah "ewwww" all u want)

ciao gents and ladies..

till next time........ MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU