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Friday, September 16, 2005

15th post: the irony of it all.. and then..

Safe and Unsound Party 2005 @ Home Club.

An event organized to raise money for AIDS patients who can't afford the medical expenses, as well as to spread the "fight AIDS" message.

The event will be held at a club at Boat Quay, at a club. A club where people go to drink and party and stuff like that. Alcoholic drinks will be served. The drinks won't be watered down.

My friend invited me to go to this party. Immediately thoughts entered my mind.

My idea of a club, is that girls go there dressed to turn guys on so that they get bought drinks ( this is not a sexist statement. This is what a female friend of mine told me.) People go to clubs and drink till they throw up. When people are drunk, they don't think straight. So a drunk guy + a drunk girl dressed in rather skimpy clothes = ?? (I'm not saying this will happen to everyone at the club. Just saying if this drunk guy and drunk girl happen to be in "the mood for lovin' ".)

Well i don't know about you, but i'd think sex, casual sex. Pre( or extra) -marital, unprotected, casual sex. And unprotected casual sex leads to? AIDS!!

Ok ok, fine. At the party, everyone would be given a safe sex kit to emphasize the importance of safe sex. But come on! Which drunk person would have a clear enough head to think about slipping on a condom?!?

I'm sorry but i'm not going to this event. On the one hand you're promoting safe sex, action against AIDS and raising money and stuff. On the other, the event is set in an environment that well, encourages sex with someone you probably don't know very well, and very likely unprotected too. I bet the MP and the organizers only saw the upside.

The irony of it all.

Ok now on the bitch about the idiotic soundman at my gig.

Well i'll talk about my gig as a whole b4 i bitch about him.

Episodic was the first band to perform at the event. They were good. They were given 1/2 hour to perform, but they took 45 mins. Well this led to some time constraints. Thus leading to the next band and my band to play 2 15 min sets (the second 15 mins sets of each band to be played after the event) instead of 1 half hour set each. BAH~!

The next band to perform was the Subway Stars. They were good too. Well at least their tightness as a band and their skills on their instruments, as well as their super hot keyboardist. *WWWWWWHHHHHOOOOOOAAAAAA*

But the guitarist and bassist were.. sorry... weirdos. The bassist was like trying to hear the music at the sound check and was behaving kinda weird. Even jumped off the stage to get a good listen. Weird. Freaky was the word used by Siva's friends.

Bassist played like he had spasms. Had an orgasm face as well. Ok some of you may call it showmanship, feeling and grooving to the music. I say, "That's a SPASM STAR!"

Guitarist was ok at the first set. His voice got a little irritating though. During the second set he let out all his weirdness. Well not really, more like stupidity. He jumped and jumped and lost balance and fell down, breaking his e string in the process.


Then came our set. Our 1st set was alright. Minor hick-ups here and there. My bass being a bit too loud as well. But i'd say was rather good. Got the crowd sorta awake and excited. I know, we are not as tight as the other bands, we are not as advanced in our skills but i'd say we did ok, albeit the little kid who covered his ears when my vocalist started singing.

Played welcome music for VIP as well. But the emcees were not informed we were gonna do that and thought we din wanna stop our set. To the female emcee:

"I think u're real cute and pretty and stuff, but sheesh i wanna play the welcome music i was supposed to play."

~fast forward~

Our second set came up. Went up on stage once again to set up our equipment. The bassist of Subway Stars tells me i should lower the volume of my bass cos the first set my bass was too loud. I replied, " yeah i know" and he got off.

So i adjusted my volume. Told the soundman at the mixer to lower the volume of my bass. He said no. Idiot.

So during the second set, my bass was louder than during the first set. Dammit. I went to my amp to lower the volume from 5 to 2. Sounded better but won't really make too much diff cos it was fed direct to the mixer. But some how sounded better.

At this point, a second soundman comes up and increases the volume back to 5! LIKE WHAT THE HELL?!

I told him it's too loud and he says it the tone of my bass. Not wanting to argue with him, i said, " ah.. ya.. ok.."

So now my bass was loud again and it's my fault according to that soundman. So this soundman goes and sit by Siva's amp. Siva turns around and says "louder". The soundman turns off the amp and plugs out the cable and plugs it into a different input. All these while Siva was gonna start the solo of The Trooper. ******* soundman.

And these soundmen couldn't give us at least some respect. They were friggin keeping their equipment while we were playing. SHEESH!

And the organizer also treated us like free labour. 2 music stands standing right next to the stage. He couldn't come and bring it down himself. Gotta call us to bring it down. And we were going out for lunch. We were at least 70 80 metres away from the stage by now. He is at a table less than 20 metres away, can't he do it himself. NNNOOOO.... He gets Gao Rui's cousin (one of the organizers, probably the best among them) to call us on our hp to come back to bring it down.

! ! !???! ! !


! ! !???! ! !

Oh well. I guess I've bitched enough.

P.S I think the Subway Stars were a great band, just din like their genre of music and performance style, just my opinion. Please don't go and defame them.