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Friday, April 29, 2005

11th post: CHANGES

well well... i'm back my faithful fans waiting for my update... =P well a lot has happened since the last update...bush fires have rages and gone, temperatures have subsided and risen yet again, relationships have soured and then de-soured... i've also gone from "going nuts with the stress", "breaking down under the pressure", to "sian ar.. nothing to do" (packing my room does not count as something to do, sorry mummy.. =P)

my hair has also gotten so long i cannot live with it... just gotten a hair cut today... Gao Rui says it looks like a mullet..and i must say.. it's actually not that wrong, cos a mullet is basically short from front view and long from back..and it is...but well.. i'll see how it goes.. i feel alright with it now.. if i think it really sucks then well.. i'll lose the long back hair then...

Gao Rui came over today and we watched 2 hilarious movies.. White Chicks and the South Park Movie.. toilet humour at it's best...haha... the South Park movie is more like a musical actually.. lot's of songs.. tho not really up to orchestra standard, nor chart-topping hits, nor songs ppl would like to listen to, they still are songs... haha and i love the Wayans Brothers... MAN THEY ROCK.. they are, by the way, the people who brought u the Scary Movie Trilogy, 2 of them are of course the WHITE chicks..

well.. i'll (try to) upload pictures soon.. =D in the meantime.. take care and dun bet on seeing an update too soon... SMELL YA AROUND SOON, NIGGAH!