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Thursday, September 21, 2006

18th Post: -shudders-

today during my lunch break, i was visited by a giant condom... mascot. and they gave out some free samples of comdoms, so i have 2 durex condoms sitting in my left pocket right now. not that i'd be using them in the near future.

haha then my friends and i headed down to the sexual safety exhibition and i was engulfed by countless pictures of infected penises and vaginas. i also learnt that STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) are now called STIs (sexually transmitted infections). well i'd say it's a better name, maybe to remove the social stigma and the fear of talking about them.

so anyway my i was the like one of the very few guys there. there were probably only 2 other guys there. and i felt really out of place.

after this we were treated to a demo of how and abortion takes place. while this was going on, there was a video of an operation to remove some stuff from a woman's insides. all this, after lunch. you have no idea how much i felt like throwing my my lunch. eeewwwww!!!

anyway, i always told myself that i will not have premarital/casual sex cos God doesn't want me to.. and today after this extremelly graphic exhibition, i have one more reason why i've made the right choice.

ugh - shudders-

17th Post: God is Good. The Return Of................

WHOO~!! lookie who's here!? i'm back.. i think for now u can expect this space to be updated on a more regular basis.

haha y??

cos i'm doing friggin' final year project that's got nothing to do with what i've been learning for the past 2 years and half years! wad am i doing for fyp? i am creating a drill-dust collector. for those who dunno wad course i'm doing. i'm doing multimedia and infocomm technology! how's a drill-dust collector remotely tied to MIT?? I HAVE NO IDEA!!?? but well, i've got a lotta free time now. albeit being trapped in a 'fish tank'. you see, my classroom has glass windows all around so everyone can just look at us. PLUS there's a friggin camera staring at us. to monitor us! how sick is that??! we're like prisoners! ah well.

anyway life's been treating me fairly well lately. sure there are problems in life. but i guess i'm past the whiny-teenager phase. ok i still whine and mope and wad not. but now, maybe i'm more matured, more in tuned with God maybe? i'm praying a lot these days. and i'm trying to give bible study too! well God give be the right words to say and the wisdom to spread your word!

well i guess that's it for now.. so yeah.. i'm outta here!