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Thursday, September 21, 2006

18th Post: -shudders-

today during my lunch break, i was visited by a giant condom... mascot. and they gave out some free samples of comdoms, so i have 2 durex condoms sitting in my left pocket right now. not that i'd be using them in the near future.

haha then my friends and i headed down to the sexual safety exhibition and i was engulfed by countless pictures of infected penises and vaginas. i also learnt that STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) are now called STIs (sexually transmitted infections). well i'd say it's a better name, maybe to remove the social stigma and the fear of talking about them.

so anyway my i was the like one of the very few guys there. there were probably only 2 other guys there. and i felt really out of place.

after this we were treated to a demo of how and abortion takes place. while this was going on, there was a video of an operation to remove some stuff from a woman's insides. all this, after lunch. you have no idea how much i felt like throwing my my lunch. eeewwwww!!!

anyway, i always told myself that i will not have premarital/casual sex cos God doesn't want me to.. and today after this extremelly graphic exhibition, i have one more reason why i've made the right choice.

ugh - shudders-

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