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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

13th post: SUPERMAN!!

hi again peeps! well things have been quite normal.. so was today....

it happened after my last lecture of the day. my usual group of friends (kari-pap, noh-dia, kuru, "turn-bang" and jerri-kolek) and i were walking towards our next lesson at ELQ (E-learning lab @ blk Q). we were behind this group of people from another tutorial group in our lecture class. among them was a girl whom most of us can't really stand cos she's kinda act cute with one of the lecturers last sem. she and her good friend (face is kinda cute) next to her were wearing really short skirts. and mind u, they din have very long sexy legs to show. so we were talking about it's so short, if a breeze came along, that's IT!

and we made a prophesy.

the friend's (with the kinda cute face) skirt caught a breeze and lo and behold:

It's a bird! It's a plane! NO! IT'S SUPERMAN!!

well, you see, her underwear was bright red!! my gosh! my eyes were tortured beyond words! my friends and i were just glad she wasn't wearing a g-string. imagine the sight if we saw her butt-cheeks (that may be very sellulite-ty)!!


well anyway, on the way home, kari-pap took the bus with me to the Sengkang interchange. she was watching TV Mobile. a mentos ad was playing and she started

"eh new mentos coming out ar? eh no"

upon which i just looked at her and ignored her...and started laughing. cos she looked like she was monolog-ing. like the villian at the end of the Incredibles. then she carried on making remarks of stuff that appeared on the screen, like how shiny the bald part of a minister's head is and stuff. and i just looked at her and carried on laughing... man did she look like a mental patient.

well anyways, recently i've been hooked on to Need For Speed: Underground 2 on PC. man i love that game. yeah i know, many people have already completed the game and could've completed it several more times b4 i started but who cares?!

and now, that's where i'm headed off to do. PLAY!

well peeps, enjoy yourselves and stay happy!


Thursday, June 16, 2005

12th post

hey peeps.. hmmm this will be a short post..

went to watch star wars... FINALLY! on the very last day that it's still in theatres as well... sheesh.. to think that i'm a fan.. well it's a good movie (like duh-h if your a fan u'd say it's good)

well caught the 930 pm show. it ended at 1155pm made bee line to the bus stop in time to catch the last bus (to sengkang). phew.. arrived at sengkang wondered if i should walk home considering it was almost 1230am. but decided to wait at the bus stop till 1235 at least b4 walking and it paid off. 83 came. coincidentally, green day's waiting started playing on my mp3 haha...

"i've been, waiting a long time, for this moment to come...."

well Angeline is back!! YAY

hmmm said this is gonna be a short post, well it is.. haha.. i'm gonna go now.. i've got school in about 8 hours time gotta wake up in about 6+ hours and i've yet to shower... (yeah yeah "ewwww" all u want)

ciao gents and ladies..

till next time........ MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU