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Wednesday, December 08, 2004

3rd Post

Well quite a lot to update...

Let's start with how my com just switched off in a snap last week. I tried turning it on again but it didn't work. So i called Uncle Chin and after following most of what he told me to do...well i figured it was the power supply that melted...cos the cooling fan's fliter was caked with dust and the place where the power supply was, was super hot. So i figured the dust prevented any cool air from entering the CPU and also i haven't been turning the air-con cos recently, it's really cold...but obviously not cold enough to keep the com's temperature down. =( oh well...

Anyway, today i went over to Gerald's place and he help me loads with my blog. We copied and pasted so many pieces of source codes of other blogs and got it to the way it is now... Well it's not fantastic yet, but we're working on it... Played CS and C&C Generals and basically slacked off at his place...

On the way home, i did lots of thinking again. i have no idea why, but recently i've been thinking about a lotta things: youth leadership, relationships, life, camporee...hmm...

Anyway, today i was thinking mostly about these 2 girls...both wonderful people, both beautiful people, and both i find myself thinking of all the time...WHY? WHY MUST IT ALWAYS BE MORE THAN ONE?!!? and both are good friends with the other...haiz..oh wells, least i'm not like taking any action, just being the friend that i am...don't wanna spoil the friendship.

Retrospective on my life few years back, i thought of this song: Girl All The Bad Guys Want - Bowling For Soup...this is how the part of chorus goes (not that the girl was wanted by all the bad guys, but...):

"And when she walks,
All the wind blows and the angels sing.
She doesn't notice me!"

"It's like a bad movie
She is lookin' through me
If you were me, then you'd be
Screamin' "Someone shoot me!"
As I fail miserably,
Tryin' to get the girl all the bad guys want."

Well glad my life ain't like that anymore... =D

Till the next update, Ciao!

Thursday, December 02, 2004

2nd Post: Thoughts

ARGH!! MY BLOG POST DISAPPEARED!!! haiz, oh well i'll retype it. *sighs*

I've been doing some thinking... Should I try for the post of youth leader? i mean half the time our "youth leader" is spending his sabbaths over in Chuan Hoe church where he's dearly beloved is... BUT! Do i have what it takes? Am i even cut out to be in a leadership position?

Well i'm sure God knows. And i can only find out the answers to those questions if i took up the position...right? But do i really wanna find out?

Another thing...my sis is leaving. *sighs* Things will be SO different without her here.

On a lighter note however...

ah beng with teruk england (lousy english) to represent SG at world idol!! phew!! Now now u fans of sly, don't get me wrong.. i think sly is not bad. He can sing...just not english songs. Well that's just my thoughts anyway, you don't have to agree with what i say.

Gao Rui and Rach came to my place today. GR came to help me pack, and in that 2 hours, i think i packed more than i did the past week.. haha. Then in the afternoon Rach and I kicked ball, basically making GR run like mad so that he can be a step closer to
Slash abs...haha

well that's it for today...need lots of help in the department of blogging and photo uploading...