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Friday, November 26, 2004

The 1st post : Beauty & Life...& the Beauty of Life

Well, today was quite a good day...played pool with my previously annoying poly classmate. Had a horrible gastric too...haiz how i torture myself. Anyway...went to seminar and lo and behold! The beauty walked in. I just went..>GASP< =Þ that hair of hers, hanging down over her beautiful face...ahhhhh! OK OK fine! enough of the mushy-ness already...

Got a ride home from uncle Chin who also gave uncle Chong Gin a lift. I just sat in the back and listen to them reminiscing of the kampong streets and suroundings of Kovan Road and Hillside Drive about the floods that often befall the lowland area that was, and still is approriately named: Lowland Road. About how uncle Chin spent his childhood in that area and the stuff he did... Hearing all that made me look forward to the time when Rach, Gao Rui and I are in our 40s 50s looking back at the stuff we did in primary school and stuff we do together now...ahhh!