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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

14th post: the birth of..

Pandemonium - the latest thing to hit the world of cover bands. Also the name we finally came up with for my new band. I'm the bassist as usual. This is a whole new band line up though. None from my previous bands Muddy Pool, and Sid Ash'tray which was formed from half of Muddy Pool.

Here's the line up :

Rhythm Guitar - Gao Rui (my primary school classmate.)
Lead Guitar - Siva (Gao Rui's sec school classmate.)
Vocalist - Brandon (Gao Rui's sec school classmate.)
Drummer - Matt ( 15 year old dude that GR and Siva know from soft.com.sg)
Bassist - Yours truly, Spike.

Well only Matt and i have previous experiences of being in a band whereas this is the first band of GR and his classmates. Siva is real great on the lead given he's only started learning guitar like less than a year ago.

We're not that tight and stuff yet. But we're going somewhere. Nanyang CC to be exact. That's where our first gig will be held. After being formed for only about half a year. It's gonna be great. September 4th is the day to look forward to. The song list is more or less confirmed, but i'm not telling u guys. Come watch us if u wanna know.

Well on to other aspects my life.

School's been alright. Really kicking myself today though. After seeing my maths teacher go thru the answers of the common test paper i had last friday. I knew how to do practically all the questions. But lack of practice and me forgetting parts of formulas made me pay the price. Project deadlines are staring at me once again, and i'm staring back at them, literally.

The youth, (Bratz as most of us call it, the BR / Balestier 90210 as some of you call it) are pretty much still the same. Planning a lot. Not carrying out as much. Least some of us think that way. I mean i don't know what to do to make them have more responsibilty. I guess that's beyond my control. I also guess i knew that all along. But seriously. We plan to go into the forests of Sarawak to build a church for the people there. Sorry, but honestly i think many of us would not be able to handle it. I mean some of us are so afraid of things like ants. Picky about food. Unable to handle hardship. The typical spoilt city kids of Singapore.

We're also told that when we go over there for 2 weeks, every night we've gotta take turns to preach. So our great and greatly patient mentor Uncle Chin is giving us lessons on how to prepare messages and telling us some facts about the Bible. But people who are planning to go for the trip, are not attending this. With the excuses of being sick to that of rain. For crying out loud. It was raining really heavily when you guys decided to head of to someones place. You guys could borrow and umbrella to shelter yourselves off to transport to the person place, and yet from there u couldn't shlter yourselves back in time for the lesson?? EXCUSES I SAY!

Ok so Uncle Chin says nevermind we'll just carry on. So he's explaining stuff the the rest of the class and the late ones are like "What what what?" so Uncle Chin says, "Let me finish this then i'll explain to you."

So after he finishes explaining a topic to us he goes on to tell the late ones what he was talking about. Just as he begins, one of the late ones starts talking with someone else. Like sheesh man.

I say, if you really have your heart and mind set on something, rain will not stop you.
(at least not the rain from this incident cos it wasn't that heavy AT ALL)

Moving on.

Felt like retiring from volleyball on Saturday night. Played real bad, till the last match. Lifted me to decide to come back from the retirement i never made. My disputes and unliking of "red bean paste" has more or less subsided as well.

Well. i guess i've bitched enough.

i'm outta here..

till the next post..

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